Can Hair Care Products Cause Damage?

You’ve seen the ads – models showing off their gorgeous locks which supposedly are enhanced and maintained by the sponsor’s shampoo, conditioner, at-home color kit, or some other surefire means.

While certain hair care products are worth using, some can do more harm than good. Could the products you use daily be damaging your hair? Here’s how to tell.

Extreme Breakage

If you notice your hair is breaking more than usual, read the product labels. Healthy hair requires the right balance of ingredients. Consistent use of products with too much protein or moisturizing agents can result in breakage which can stunt hair growth.

Dry or Brittle Hair

People with very dry hair do not need to wash their hair daily, or even every other day. Instead, washing the hair less often will help preserve the natural oils in the scalp and keep hair well moisturized.

Oily Hair

Very oily hair may look greasy a few hours after washing, particularly in the summer or after a workout. People with very oily hair might choose to wash their hair daily or every other day. Using a sulfate shampoo can lengthen the time between washes.

Stiff Hair

If your hair will no longer hold a curl, looks stiff, or has frayed ends, this could be another sign of product-related damage, especially from over-processing or chemical damage. Deep conditioning, regular trims, and avoiding heat styling products can help your hair bounce back to life.

Scalp Condition

The condition of a person’s scalp will also affect the condition of their hair. People with very dry scalps tend not to produce as much sebum. Washing the hair less often can help the scalp remain healthy, prevent itching and flaking, and keep the hair soft and shiny. People with very oily scalps may develop acne on the scalp or along the hairline and may need to wash their hair more frequently to keep their hair looking clean.

Over-use of products can leave a build-up that, over time, prevents your scalp from absorbing the products as it should – resulting in a dry, irritated scalp. Try a clarifying shampoo and conditioner to help eliminate build-up.

Fading Color Treatment

If your color isn’t holding as well or for as long as it used to, check the ingredient list on your styling products. If one or more of them contain sulfates, that could be what’s causing you to use a coloring agent more often.

Needing More and More

If it’s taking longer and longer for your hair care products to achieve the desire result, they might be leaving damaging residue behind in increasing amounts.  Again, look closer to ensure they products are right for your hair type.

If only you could simply rinse your hair every day or so, brush or comb it and be on your way, life would be so much simpler. But then, you most likely wouldn’t present yourself in the best possible light which is part of what it takes to succeed in today’s world.

As for hair loss, well, that requires a whole different remedy to bring it back and keep it there – exactly what DiStefano Hair Restoration Center specializes in. If you want to regain the hair you’ve lost and keep it forever, contact us today for a free consultation.