David M

“The staff and doctor were great. The procedure went very smoothly.”

Bill D

“When I first met with DiStefano Hair Restoration, I was a Norwood Class V. Since that procedure, and with such great results, I have been going through a series of IGTs (one each summer with my last scheduled for May 31, 2017). Over the years, Dr. Heinis has performed multiple procedures on me. This practice is extremely talented from both medical and artistic perspectives; a necessary combination for good results. I look forward to this last procedure and the outcome.”

Sarah Wikowski

“DiStefano and their team saved my 19 year old son’s hair. They did tests that no one else though of and came up with a plan that solved and restored his hair loss. Thank you guys so much!”

Mark C

“DiStefano Hair Restoration gave me my hair and confidence back.  The staff was amazing and friendly and my results were just great. Thank you guys!”

Sean Grande

“Like most men, my hair is very important to me. After my procedure at DiStefano Hair Restoration Center, I’ve never looked better or felt younger!”

Justin S

Professional, informative, supportive are three simple words to start off regarding all of the employees from the techs, to admin, to the doctors!!! I choose to go to the Worcester office after reading up on reviews like this one. I would like to give a special thank you to Lawrence, Beth, Bonnie, and Dr. Heinis. Each step of the process was effortless and comforting. All of the employees I encountered were beyond qualified for their jobs. I wanted to fix my struggling hairline for about ten years and when I finally made the call to get info I wish I did ten years ago. Financing getting my confidence back was simpler then I ever expected. Overall, I just want to give a big thank you to the whole team at DiStefano Hair Restoration Center. I will definitely recommend a call to just explore options to everyone.

Luke S

Had a great experience here. Would recommend anyone considering hair treatments or transplants to go with these guys. Everything from the admin, to consultants, to the dr, to the procedure was A+ and top notch. Will be returning again. Thank you Dr.Chris

Andrew K

Would recommend to anyone. Distephano was recommended to me and I’m glad I followed through. The process was very comfortable from the start, talking with Mike Khouri. He even did a lot of follow ups after the initial consultation. The procedure was great, really enjoyed the House it was different from a cookie cutter office and made the experience feel a little more natural. The staff were incredible and would recommend. Even if you just have a few questions they are very hospitable and extremely knowledgeable. Doctor Chris was awesome and the techs were amazing.

Ryan B

Dr. Chris, Mike K. and their team at DiStefano are well informed and helped me greatly on my ongoing battle to fight my progressive hair loss. They gave me the service, tools and knowledge to keep me on the right track. If your looking for a team to back you up on your hair growth journey hit them up.! 5 star

Waseem M

I had a free consultation and they were absolutely candid about my situation, and presented to me the optimal path I need to pursue in terms of quality and cost.I didn’t get any wierd gimmick vibes and felt I was dealing with experienced professionals and that they cared about what I was looking for in terms of outcome and cost profile.Thanks to their consultation I was presented with a definitive and comfortable path for my situation.I’ll definitely going back when I’m ready move forward.

Rebecca J

I could not be happier with Dr. Heinis and his team at DiStefano Hair Restoration Center. I initially saw him in May 2020. I have struggled with thin hair my whole life, however after a very stressful year I noticed the loss escalating and began to panic. I had a scalp biopsy and comprehensive labs to ensure we knew the underlying cause of the hair loss, and received 3 PRP injections spaced 4 weeks apart. Dr. Heinis prescribed a topical treatment containing minoxidil, as well as an oral medication called Finasteride. In the last month I have noticed significantly less hair loss in the shower, and I have sprouted new hairs all over my scalp. At 47 the new hairs are gray and the rest of my hair is colored so they are easy to spot and helps me to track my progress. I just had a hair color 2 weeks ago, and have already noticed another batch of new hairs sprouting. I can’t say enough about my very positive experience with at DiStefano Hair Restoration. As a health care provider and woman struggling with Androgenic Alopecia, I would urge other women to seek help sooner rather than later to better understand your options. Hair restoration is not for men alone.

Peter B

I originally contacted DiStefano back in October 2020 and spoke with Mike Khouri. After doing an initial consultation, I decided to consult a few other clinics and found myself very quickly coming back. Mike was very transparent, candid, and not pushy at all. He made me feel like my best interest was at stake and was not there to upsell me. I ended up doing PRP & HT with Dr. Heinis and his talented staff and felt comfortable throughout the whole procedure. Would highly recommend a consultation at the very least to anyone seeking hair restoration. Great experience overall.

Francesco C

If I could give the DiStefano Hair Restoration Center more than 5 stars I would ! I can’t say enough good things about the DiStefano family ! Each individual alone deserves 5 stars. Mike Khouri, is the gentlemen you will want to speak to for your consultation. He is personable, has firsthand knowledge about the treatment and will put your needs and desires first. He is customer focused through the entire process, pre and post treatment ! Thank you Mike for giving me confidence to take the leap.

Peter G

I recently meet with Dr Heinis. I had a a previous procedure done by a different treatment facility. I wasn’t pleased with the results. Mr Heinis listened to my concerns, and rather than try to encourage me to book another surgery with him, he helped me to get my original Dr to agree to do my second procedure at no cost to me. That’s a class act, to show great concern for a patient that was not his and to go as far as to communicate with my original Dr speaks volumes for Dr Heinis and the genuine concern for a patient whether it’s his or not. I truly appreciate his efforts, and would highly recommend his professional service as a Doctor and overall dignified person. That’s extremely important when a person is making a significant decision to have cosmetic surgery done. Thankyou Dr Heinis

Troy I

“I just completed my 2nd procedure with Dr. Heinis and his superb staff. My journey began last year with a free and thorough consultation with Dr. Heinis. Having come in with some initial anxiety, he made me feel very comfortable, explaining all of my options with a recommended course of action given my candidacy and desired results. He applied no pressure and was very reasonable. Bonnie, Beth, Diane and Gina were exceptional, making the entire process seamless and comfortable.”


“I am writing this review to attest to Dr. Heinis’s superb moral and skill. Although I was not a patient, I was introduced to Dr. Heinis when he came to my wife’s rescue when she passed out on a long flight. Thankfully he was on the same flight and he was the good samaritan that selflessly came to the rescue. He was very skillful, yet down to earth and amazing ethics. Other reviews attested to his great skills, but I can not be more grateful & wanted everyone to know how great of a person he is.”

Charles C

“I saw Dr. Chris Heinis on Jan. 17, 2017 and I have to admit that I was a little nervous due to not really knowing what to expect, but in my experience for my procedure you need not look any further. Professionalism, Class and Honesty -THIS IS THE PLACE!! Please go to YELP to read my entire review. You will not regret it or regret going to the DiStefano Hair Restoration Center with Dr. Chris Heinis and the terrific and caring staff for a hair restoration!!!”

Brad S

“I can only say great things about DiStefano. I had one procedure a few years ago and I’m coming back to do a little more. All in all, worth every penny!!”

David C

“Although I was initially nervous about a hair restoration procedure, the folks at DiStefano quickly put my concerns to rest. From an initial consultation with Steve through two procedures, one with Dr. Heinis, my experience has been uniformly positive. The doctors and staff have always been professional and supportive. Of course, I was seeking excellent results and DiStefano exceeded my expectations. I recommend them without reservation. Dave C.”

Peter R

“Excellent! Because of the job they did I have become a reference for DiStefano. I have had at least 15 maybe 20 referral calls from perspective patients. I can’t tell them enough how happy I am with my results.”

Brian L

“I received two transplants (FUT and GIT) on different occasions and the results were astonishing and beyond anything I ever expected. The folks at DiStefano were very patient and calm which made me comfortable right off the bat. The technicians were superb and focused and made it virtually painless and easy to go back to work the very next day. The new hair came in quickly both times and I achieved a lot more density. People always compliment me on a full head of hair which blows my mind.”

Bernard D

“Very pleasant ,easy and painless procedure. Very very pleased with the results. I would highly recommend DiStefano to anyone considering a hair restoration.”

Gary S

“Class act. In 6 months my transplant looks full yet there’s more to grow. The surgical operation is flawless and the clinical support staff are excellent. I highly recommend  DiStefano Hair Restoration.”

Greg D

“What an amazing day! I was treated like a KING & I mean that sincerely! Dr. Heinis got me set up & then into the procedure room and from there Sue, Carmen & Jamie all went to work along with the Doc and from that point forward the experience was Fantastic!!! I called the 3 girls The Charlie’s Angels of hair restoration..They Truly are ANGELS to me!!! ???? .. I recommend if you’re in need of hair restoration to get yourself down to any of these office’s & Get R Done!!! God Bless Dr. D & Dr. H and God Bless my 3 “Special Angels” Awesome Sauce!!!! ????”

Paul P

“I had my procedure done in 12/2014 and the results to this point have been nothing short of terrific and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Dr. C. Heinis is great and the staff is the best. For anyone who is contemplating having the procedure done I highly recommend it and I couldn’t be more satisfied with my experience with the folks at the DiStefano Restoration Center.”

Adam T

“After researching several New England-based hair transplant surgeons and a couple consultations later, I decided to go with Distefano for my procedure. I’m 28yo and didn’t know what to expect, but I was so happy with how the procedure itself went.  The doctor is very professional and had a great bedside manner. His nursing/tech staff (some of which have been with him for over 18yrs) were constantly making sure I was comfortable throughout the procedure (adjusting the headrest, providing lunch or drinks, even dimming the lights so I could sleep!). Everybody from the doctors, down, took their time, and it was obvious they were passionate about what they do. My home instructions were clear and concise. I’m only 2 days out so I can’t comment on results, but everything seems to be healing well with only minimal tenderness to the areas. Great job guys! I highly recommend you to those considering the procedure. Cheers”

Alex A

“Dr. Heinis and Team, I can not thank you enough nor say enough regarding my eyebrow transplant experience with you and your fantastic team. The transplant has truly changed my life and I am no longer self conscious and frustrated about not having eyebrows. I would be hard pressed to find any doctors or facility who backs up their work and cares for a patient/client more than you. The results have been remarkable. Thank you again and please feel free to use me as a reference at anytime. My Best to You Always, Alex A.”

Gary S

“When I had my first transplant at DiStefano was totally bald on top. Since my second transplant session last September, Dr. Heinis the surgeon, I now comb a near full head of hair, as I last did over 30 years ago. I’m 70 but now feel 10 years younger. My wife says the new hair makes me look 15 years younger. My transplant is the best money I ever spent. Judging by my very positive experience and what I’ve read, I venture to say that DiStefano Hair Restoration Center is one of the finest in the country.”

Donald S

“Went to the location in Worcester. Very patient oriented and extremely fair in their pricing. Impressive doctors and technical staff…first class work! Great personalities and professional staff.”

Bobby C

“The decision to go see DiStefano Hair Restoration in Worcester was one of the best decisions I have made in my late 20’s. After researching numerous approaches and procedures, I went into DiStefano and had an honest, professional, and sincere conversation about my options. At no point was I pressured and it was obvious from the start that the doctor wants what is best for you and let’s you choose your comfort level. Talking with DiStefano was extremely easy going and informative. I would certainly recommend this practice to anyone who is interested in pursuing any type of hair procedure and would not make a final decision before I gave DiStefano Hair Restoration an honest look.”

Emily C

I had a great experience with Dr Heinis and his amazing staff. Everyone was so nice and accommodating. In a situation that could be overwhelming, I was put at easy. I found the entire staff was very knowledgeable about all aspects on the procedure and all had many years of experience. They explained everything upfront and continued as the day went on and were always happy to answer any questions I had. Even though I could not see what Dr Heinis was doing, you could clearly tell he took a lot of pride in exactly how the hairs would be placed to give the most natural look. He was also readily available after the procedure with any concerns I had by call or text. I know I made the right decision choosing Distafano HRC and I am so excited to see the results in the coming months and years.

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