Low Level Laser Therapy for Hair Loss

The LaserCap

As the original technology of its kind, LaserCap has perfected the delivery of prescription-strength laser therapy for hair regrowth. A light and flexible cap lined with true laser diodes, LaserCap illuminates the hair follicles with monochromatic red laser light at a finely-tuned wavelength and intensity. This treatment, known as Low-Level-Laser Therapy (LLLT), is scientifically proven to restore the hair of both men and women suffering from thinning and balding. The LaserCap is FDA-cleared to promote hair regrowth in both men and women with pattern hair loss.

How To Use?

The LaserCap laser therapy for hair loss is very easy to use. After charging the battery pack, insert LaserCap into your favorite hat, place the cap on your head, and turn it on for 30 minutes. Portable, hands-free, and discreet, LaserCap can be used in the comfort of your own home, at the gym, on your daily commute, anywhere and anytime that is convenient for you! Just wear the LaserCap for 30 minutes every other day to regrow and restore your natural hair.

How Low-Level Laser Therapy Works

The LaserCap uses Low-Level-Laser Therapy (LLLT), also known as Low-Level-Light Therapy, Photobiomodulation Therapy, or Laser Hair Therapy, to re-energize inactive hair follicles. Red laser light is absorbed by specialized cells deep within the follicle, providing energy to enhance cellular respiration and hair growth. As a result, follicles become awakened from their inactive state and produce thicker, healthier hair. LLLT has proven to be a safe and effective treatment for both male and female pattern pattern hair loss in numerous large, high quality clinical trials.


Follicles are inactive, growing slowly and producing thin hair.


Laser light is absorbed by the cells of the hair follicle, providing energy to enhance cellular respiration and hair growth.


Dormant follicles are awakened from their inactive state and produce thicker, healthier, hair.

Superior Science and Technology

Did you know that LaserCap delivers a higher dose of light energy per treatment than all other popular laser therapy devices for hair restoration? Many of these devices in fact deliver an energy dose well below what experts consider to be optimal.

Key to LaserCap’s prescription-strength laser treatment for hair loss is pulsed-wave light emission. This is a fancy way of saying LaserCap turns off and on its lasers many times per second during a treatment, causing them to blink, or flicker.

Doing so allows the laser diodes to cool during the fraction of a second when they switch off. As a result, when the lasers switch back on, they can deliver light at a higher intensity without excessive build-up of heat.

LaserCap Therapy Before and After Photos

A Lifetime of Value

The LaserCap is built to last. In fact we have patients who have been using the same LaserCap for over 10 years! LaserCap Company is so confident in the quality of our products, we are proud to offer a best-in-industry lifetime warranty policy and one year satisfaction guarantee. With our world-class customer service, you can be assured a lifetime of treatments to regrow and restore your natural hair.

Your LaserCap kit includes:

LaserCap Products

3 LaserCap choices for every budget and treatment need.

LaserCap SD

Prescription-strength laser therapy at a great value

LaserCap HD

Our mid-range cap, well-suited for most patients

LaserCap HD+

Our premium cap, best for patients with larger heads or diffuse thinning

How does LaserCap compare to other laser therapy devices for hair regrowth?

Prescription Strength
Lifetime of Value


Is that “laser cap” a lemon? A warning about cheap LaserCap copies.

Did you know that The Original LaserCap is one of the most widely copied technologies in the world? Many of these copy devices can be found online for low prices. While they look very similar to LaserCap, they don’t offer superior laser therapy for hair loss; thus, they should be avoided at all costs, for several reasons:


LaserCap copies will likely not be as effective because they have not optimized their output, and deliver light energy at very low intensity.

Poor Quality

Copy devices are made 100% in China with poor quality control. Frequently they malfunction or break down after a short period of use.

Limited Warranties

No LaserCap copies have a lifetime warranty policy. Often they have very limited warranty, or no warranty at all.

Other Information About LaserCap Laser Treatment for Hair Loss

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