A Physician’s Journey

Dr. Chris Heinis​

In 2012, I, Dr. Chris Heinis, MD, joined DiStefano Hair Restoration Centers, embarking on a journey that has seen me perform over 3100 hair restoration procedures. Prior to this, I spent a decade serving as an Assistant Professor in the emergency room at the University of Massachusetts in Worcester. During that time, I was deeply involved in academic medicine and even took on the role of a quality control officer at the University of Massachusetts, with the additional title of Assistant Medical Director. At present, my full-time commitment is to DiStefano Hair Restoration, and I also work per diem as an Emergency Room physician. I’m proud to say that I am Board Certified in Emergency Medicine, a certification that allows me to manage complex medical situations that patients may encounter. Furthermore, I’ve had the privilege of serving my community as the Medical Director of Oakham and as a member of the Board of Health.
The story of my own hair loss began in my late thirties, and initially, I couldn’t accept the truth, almost believing it was a product of my imagination. However, when I hit 40, the undeniable reality set in. Despite my status as a board-certified Emergency Room physician, I had no expertise in hair restoration. Intrigued by the subject, I dived into research on hair loss, and it didn’t take long for me to consider undergoing the procedure myself. I consulted a local specialist who recommended a strip procedure, but I was reluctant. The prospect of a linear scar didn’t sit well with me, especially since I often kept my hair very short at the back. This led me on a quest to find an alternative specialist.
At the time, I was working night shifts in the Emergency Room at the University of Massachusetts for eight years, primarily as a nocturnist at the Belmont Street location. One quiet night, around 3 a.m., I found myself surfing the internet. It was during this late-night exploration that I stumbled upon DiStefano Hair Restoration. Sitting beside me was Trina, a nurse I had worked with, and she casually mentioned that her cousin worked at DiStefano. In a spur-of-the-moment decision, I agreed to meet with Dr. Mark DiStefano. I stepped into the bustling office, feeling a bit out of my element and not knowing what to expect. Dr. Mark DiStefano, came across as a friendly and welcoming person. To my surprise, he revealed his intention to retire and sell the practice, which was quite unexpected since my initial visit was meant for a personal consultation. His offer caught my attention; he offered to provide me with training at no cost and even cover the expenses. Viewing this as a unique opportunity to explore a new medical specialty, I eagerly embraced it. Mark supplied me with articles and textbooks to study and guided me through the techniques required for making incisions in the recipient area and removing tissue from the donor area. Initially, he suggested I could take a year or two to learn, but his expectations soon accelerated, and he set a strict six-month training timeline.
With my background as an Emergency Medicine doctor trained in Brooklyn, New York, I was well-versed in procedural skills and tissue repairs. This made the transition feasible. I began dedicating 3 to 5 days a week to my training, even after completing 8-hour overnight shifts in the Emergency Room. Six months of rigorous training later, I performed my first solo surgery, marking a challenging yet rewarding period. Subsequently, we negotiated an arrangement where I would work for 2 days, while Dr. Mark DiStefano took on 3 days. This arrangement began in 2013 and coincided with ongoing negotiations regarding the potential sale.
In 2015, Dr. Mark DiStefano had a change of heart and decided not to sell the company. We parted ways on good terms, and about a month later, I received an offer to purchase the business, a proposition I eagerly accepted. The paperwork was signed in 2015, and I finally became the owner of the company in 2018. Dr. Mark DiStefano worked with me for 1 year and 8 months. However, he eventually expressed a desire to work independently and established a women’s hair loss clinic with his son and wife around 2015.   We proudly retain the name of the original DiStefano Hair Restoration, along with the dedicated team and management responsible for over 12,000 hair transplants. If you’re seeking the original DiStefano Hair Restoration experience, make sure you contact us, the original DiStefano Hair Restoration.
Beyond my professional life, I have enjoyed a 30-year marriage with my wife, and we call central Massachusetts our home, where we are raising our two children. In my free time, my family and I indulge in hobbies like collector cars, ice hockey, and RC airplanes. My wife and both kids all play hockey together.
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