Are you bothered by the look of fine, sparse, or missing eyebrows? If you’re losing or have lost your eyebrow hair due to a genetic condition, illness, or injury, arrange a consultation with a DiStefano Hair Restoration Center surgeon to find out if eyebrow restoration restoration can help.

How We Do It

Our  eyebrow restoration procedure is a safe, low-risk, reliable option for those who experience thinning and hair loss in the brow area. Donor hair is removed from the head, and then the hair follicles are directly implanted in the eyebrow area for a natural look. With this minimally invasive procedure, you’ll recover quickly without noticeable scarring.

Step 1: Microscopic Dissection

First we use the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) method allows us to keep the hair follicles longer in length, thus ensuring that these grafts remain healthy and vital; and more importantly, allows the natural curve of the hair to be seen.

Step 2: Recipient Site Creation

  • Allows grafts to be placed closer together, giver GREATER DENSITY in one session
  • Diamond shaped design allows wide center recipient sites which PROTECTS the graphs and prevents compression of the grafts
  • Smaller incisions for diminished scabbing & quicker healing
  • UNPARALLELED PRECISION and gives control over the ANGLE, DIRECTION & ORIENTATION of each incision

Step 3: Graft Placement

Placement of the longer hair grafts are essential to make sure the natural curve of the hair is angled back towards your face, thus preventing spacing between hairs, and more importantly, to keep the hairs from sticking out when they regrow.

Post Op Healing

Recovery times vary from patient to patient, Redness of the brow can last between 5-10 days.  Swelling normally occurs between days 1 and 4.

Growth Progress

Am I a Candidate for Brow Restoration?

The reason for eyebrow hair loss will significantly influence treatment options. Eyebrow hair can become thin or brittle due to stress, genetics, age, and burns or other injuries. The side effects of some medications can also influence the fullness of the brow. You’ll need to work with your doctor to determine the exact cause of your hair loss before you settle on a restoration plan. When you’ve determined that an eyebrow transplant is the right course of action, the Brow Regenesis™ eyebrow restoration procedure is simple, nearly painless, and can be completed in a single day.

If you’re ready to consider eyebrow restoration at DiStefano Hair Restoration Center, contact us online to schedule a free private consultation. Our surgeons are dedicated to ensuring your safety and satisfaction. They have completed thousands of successful procedures, utilizing the most up-to-date hair loss restoration techniques.

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