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PhytoFoamRx™, compounded with TrichoFoam™, is an alcohol-free and propylene glycol-free foam vehicle for water soluble and some liposoluble actives.  Formulated with gentle, non-irritating and sensory-pleasing ingredients. Our blend at DiStefano contains Latanoprost, Minoxidil, and Spironolactone. This compound is clinically proven to help thicken hair and stop loss.

Latanoprost was originally used to promote density in eyebrows. Overtime it has been tested and proven to work on the scalp as well, yielding fantastic results.

Spironolactone is a highly effective  DHT blocker and alternative to Finasteride. This blend is great for people whom have rare adverse reactions Finasteride, but still want to incorporate a DHT blocker into their preventative hair loss regimen.

PhytoFoamRx™ has been shown to be an ideal and stable vehicle for a number of active pharmaceutical ingredients. It is a soft foam with minimal oiliness and is free of propellants

PhytoFoamRX Benefits

PhytoFoamRx is an all natural organic product base sourced from Brazil to create a phyto-complex (mixture of plant extracts.  It is alcohol free and propylene glycol free.  This special blend leaves the scalp feeling clean with no residue.  It is great for patients with not only Finasteride sensitivities, but alcohol sensitivities as well!

  • Soft formula without propellants
  • Non-irritating vehicle
  • Unique compatibility and proven stability with APIs and DCIs, water soluble and liposoluble, such as Minoxidil Base
  • Provides soft foam with minimal oiliness
  • Drip-free
  • Patient-Specific prescription is required

Directions For Use

  • Depress the pump once to dispense the foam into your palm.
  • Apply to affected areas by massaging into the scalp. Do not rinse out.
  • Wash hands immediately after use.


Other Important Information:

  •  PhytoFoamRx™ is for external use only; specifically, the scalp. Do not use on other parts of the body.
  • If your physician prescribed minoxidil to be added to PhytoFoamRx™, do not
    use a hairdryer after applying. It may make the treatment less effective.
  • Do not wash your hair for 4 hours after application if your physician
    prescribed minoxidil or to be added to PhytoFoamRx™.
  •  If you miss a dose, just continue with your next scheduled dose.
  • Store at room temperature (68° to 77° F). Keep tightly closed.
  • Allow the PhytoFoamRx™ with minoxidil to completely dry for 2-4 hours after applying, including before going to bed. Minoxidil can stain clothing, hats, or bed linen if your hair or scalp is not fully dry after using this medicine.

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