A great hair transplant doesn’t happen by accident.

Who is the best hair transplant doctor? That’s a personal decision that only you and your doctor can answer. Still, there are some objective considerations that can help you get to the best hair transplant doctor for you.

A great place to start is with your family doctor. He or she will likely have heard of the best hair transplant doctor in your area. You should also find a doctor who has experience. After all, great hair transplants come from surgeons who have extensive experience doing hair transplants. The best hair transplant doctor will also have a highly experienced team of technicians who have all worked closely together for years. Studies show that the longer hair transplant technicians have worked with the doctor, the better the survival of transplanted follicles. This translates directly to more hair on of your head.

The best hair transplant doctor will be happy to give you contact information for a number of patients who can tell you how their procedure worked and how successful it was. Equally important, you should meet with the doctor personally to get a detailed description of what will be done, how it will be done and what you should expect. Some doctors have hair loss consultants. These people are fine to talk to initially and generally about getting a great hair transplant, but only the doctor can talk to you about the specifics.

Finally, check the doctor’s medical records using an online service such as healthgrades.com. Make sure the doctor is licensed to practice in your state. Make sure there are no medical malpractice issues and see how others rate the doctor for results, bedside manner and professionalism. Do all of the above and your journey to a great hair transplant is much more likely to be successful.

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