The Hairman™ Hair Loss Restoration Techniques

There are two  Hairman™ methods of removing follicular units from the scalp for hair loss restoration—
Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and the Individual Graft Technique™ (also called follicular unit extraction). In both methods, the follicular units are placed in the recipient area in the same way.

The methods differ in how the units are removed from the scalp and prepared for transplant.

Several years ago, the typical hair restoration surgeon used to remove 25 hair follicles at a time and transplant them to the crown and forward part of the scalp. But transplanting dozens of these large grafts (commonly called plugs) gave a look that resembled doll’s hair. The procedure was painful, had long recovery times and the results were less than satisfactory.

Today , DiStefano Hair Restoration Centers’ highly advanced techniques, unique surgical instruments and procedures now make it possible to perform up to 4,000 follicular units in a single session.

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)

Normally, the transplant team extracts donor follicular units from the back of the scalp, where the strongest, densest hair usually grows. In an FUT, surgeons harvest them en masse, on micro-thin strips of tissue taken from the donor area. Individual follicles are then excised from the strip one by one prior to insertion in the target zone.

Individual Graft Technique™ (IGT)

The other method is known as follicular unit extraction (FUE). At DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Center, we employ the Individual Graft Technique™, or IGT. With this method, each individual follicle is excised directly from the donor area using a punch tool called Safe Scribe™.

Successful transplants depend on seamless teamwork, and you can rely on the DiStefano Hair Restoration Center team. Our surgeons and support team have a combined 60+ years of experience with over 10,000 procedures performed.

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Other Hair Restoration Solutions We Offer

At DiStefano Hair Restoration Centers, we provide both surgical or non surgical methods to restore your hair and prevent any more loss from occurring. Just remember, there is hope and you have options.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call or set up a consultation to evaluate the best methods of hair restoration to reach your personal hair goals.