If you’re looking for a hair transplant Connecticut is a great place to start.

Great hair transplants don’t just happen by accident. It takes a great hair transplant doctor to get great results. So what happens if you don’t have a great hair transplant surgeon in your area?

“That’s one reason we have several offices throughout New England,” says Steve Matteo, a hair loss restoration consultant at Distefano Hair Loss Centers. “Right now we have offices in the following locations:”

Hair Transplant Connecticut
Hair Transplant Boston
Hair Transplant RI
Hair Transplant NH

With four easy to reach locations, anyone in New England thinking about hair loss restoration has a convenient destination. Perhaps, more important, they have an easy destination to the only hair loss restoration center employing the Individual Graft Technique (IGT™), which is superior to the more common methods of follicular unit extraction.

With IGT™, the hair loss restoration surgeon uses special microsurgical tools to extract each individual follicular unit of from one to four hairs each, which are then transplanted immediately so there is no need for harsh chemical preservatives or delay in transplantation–both of which can effect the survivability of the graft.

With DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers, people looking for the best New England hair transplant Connecticut, Boston, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire are now convenient locations.

“We’re thrilled to be able to provide the IGT™ method of follicular unit extraction in so many offices in New England,” Matteo said.

DiStefano Hair Restoration Center is committed to helping men and women take charge of their appearance and self-esteem through hair restoration options. For more than 16 years, DiStefano has been at the forefront of the hair transplantation industry, and has performed more than 5,000 successful hair transplant procedures.