Start Your Hair Loss Restoration Early

If hair loss runs in your family, chances are that you’ve been dreading the day that it becomes noticeable. Perhaps your hair has already begun to thin and fall out. Maybe you’ve started the process of exploring your hair loss restoration options?

At DiStefano Hair Restoration Centers, we offer many opportunities including surgical and non-surgical treatments. While nothing can top a great hair transplant, some hair loss sufferers might not merit a surgical procedure just yet. For those beginning to notice their first signs of hair loss, we offer low level laser therapy devices.

Low level laser therapy was astonishingly discovered by accident! Doctors noted that upon attempting hair removal with a laser set at a low power setting, hair actually grew faster and thicker. Thanks to this technology, we now offer the LaserCap LCPRO, which recently got 510k in clearance from the FDA. This cap is portable and discreet enough to be worn under any hat. The low level lasers stimulate follicle activity, which promotes thicker, stronger hair. We also offer a similar product that utilizes low level lasers, the HairMax Laser Comb, that comes as a brush instead of a cap.

The LCPRO is currently only available through authorized hair restoration surgeons who have experience using low level laser therapy procedures. This is a great option for those exploring the early stages of hair loss restoration. At DiStefano Hair Restoration Centers we consult with our patients in order to find the best possible solutions. Hair loss can sneak up on you out of nowhere – come in and discuss your early options at the first sign of thinning!