More Common and Less Noticeable: a Trend on the Rise

Everyone has seen those terrible hair loss restoration fixes – hideous hair pieces on night time sitcom stars and obvious plugs on the weatherman. Think Donald Trump. For a long time, people experiencing hair loss problems were hesitant to engage in any hair restoration processes, and rightfully so. Dated, indiscreet fixes resulted in painfully obvious comb overs. There was no way to get a transplant without the world knowing.

There’s good news if you’ve been wanting a great hair transplant; Hair loss restoration is on the rise! According to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, hair restoration procedures climbed 85% from 2004 to 2012. With amazing technological advances in areas surrounding platelet rich plasma and follicular unit transplants, also called a fut hair transplant, final results have become more discreet than ever. Everyone will wonder why you’re looking younger and more refreshed, but no one will be able to tell its because you got hair loss restoration!

These innovative and inconspicuous procedures are miles away from the dated techniques of the 90s. In the United States in 2012, over 251,000 patients received hair loss restoration treatments. There was a 5% worldwide increase from 2010. More people are putting their trust in the top hair transplant surgeons and going through with a procedure they’ve wanted for years. The time is now! Make a change!