Follicular Unit Extraction – Use IGT™Instead of NeoGraft™

Everyone knows that follicular unit transplant is the best hair transplant method in the modern hair loss restoration community, but not everybody knows that the actual follicular unit extraction method matters.

When you get a follicular unit transplant, follicles are harvested from a piece of the scalp that is taken from the back of the head. There are several different methods and devices to extract these donor hairs. Many hair transplant surgeons utilize the NeoGraft™ technique however; at DiStefano we saw some flaws with this method so we created the exclusive Individual Graft Technique™, or IGT. Using the NeoGraft method, all of the follicles must be harvested at the very beginning of the procedure, requiring them to sit in a preserving chemical agent for most of the process. This chemical can dry out the follicles, giving them less of a chance for success.

Using the IGT method, follicles are extracted, using a device called a Safe Scribe™, and immediately transplanted into the donor site. There are no chemicals involved. Our top hair transplant surgeons prefer this method because the rate of follicle survival is greater, resulting in the best hair transplant possible.

While many different hair transplant techniques exist, at our hair loss restoration centers we only utilize the best. A great hair transplant can bring back your confidence. Explore our follicular unit transplant process further, or come in and see if you’re the right candidate for this type of hair loss restoration.