Hair loss restoration surgery is very safe. But it is high stakes since the whole world sees it.

What’s the difference between a great orthopedic surgeon who, say, does joint replacements and the best hair transplant surgeon who does hair loss restoration? An orthopedic surgeon’s joint replacement work doesn’t show. Get a bad hair loss restoration and it’s there, right on top of your head for the whole world to see, day in and day out.

And while the procedures for replacing a joint vary among surgeons, all are purely based on medicine and science. There is no artistry involved. Not so with hair loss restoration surgery. You can have a beautiful result (medically speaking) with hair loss restoration, with almost all of the grafts taking hold and yielding lots of hair. However, the best hair restoration surgeon uses considerable artistry in designing the hairline and determining the depth and angle of each follicle. If it’s not up to snuff, simply put, it shows.

That’s why the best hair restoration surgeon websites post lots and lots of photos of their patients. They want you to see the artistic merits of the work they do. By all means you should pay close attention to these sites and the photos. However, what will really help you determine whether your hair and particularly your hairline look the way you want it to, will depend on conversations with the doctor. Remember, the best hair restoration surgeon won’t perform the surgery until you have both determined the ultimate “design of your hair line and where the follicles will be placed.