Hair transplant RI office offers latest restoration techniques.

Providence, March 10– DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers ( offers the latest in hair restoration techniques at its hair transplant RI office.

“There are two hair transplant techniques that we offer at the hair transplant RI office,” said Steve Matteo a hair restoration consultant at DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers. “One is called the follicular unit transplant procedure. The other is called the Individual Graft Technique (IGT™): he said.

When the hair transplant RI office does the follicular unit transplant procedure, a small trip of scalp is removed from the back of the head containing hair follicles of from one to four hairs.  After technicians carefully divide the hair follicles from each other under a stereomicroscope, the doctor places them in the recipient area.

The difference between the Follicular Unit Transplant and the Individual Graft Technique is that with IGT, a special tool individually removes follicular units from the back of the head. There is no scalp removal and no small linear scar. This is ideal for patients who want to wear their hair short.

According to Matteo, the IGT method, while similar to the method commonly called Follicular Unit Extraction by  other surgeons,  varies slightly. “Dr. DiStefano has developed his own microsurgical tools that contribute to the viability of the hair follicle when it is being removed,” Matteo explained. This enhances the outcome of the transplant,” he said.

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