Ultra-refined hair transplants.

When it comes to getting the best hair restoration, good things definitely come in small packages. Microsurgical procedures have made for hair restorations that are fuller, more natural and better looking. For the most natural look, a hair restoration surgeon typically grafts donor hair in the scalp in one session. Then, after the first graft has healed, the hair restoration surgeon increases density by doing additional procedures; inserting grafts in between the previous grafts.

Now, the latest in best hair restoration techniques can be found in what is called an ultra refined hair transplant. With this procedure, hair follicles containing from one to four hairs, are removed from a strip of scalp taken from the back of the head. This part of the procedure, called follicular unit transplant (FUT), is just like the standard procedure. The difference is that technicians carefully pare down the tissue surrounding the follicle, thus making it thinner. Doing this, allows them to be placed in recipient sites that are closer together and therefore, denser. Because more follicles are transplanted by the hair restoration surgeon for denser hair initially, additional procedures are normally not necessarily. That means clients get more hair and better results, more quickly. So there you have it, a whole new way of defining the best hair restoration.