After hair restoration surgery. What the best hair transplant doctor will tell you.

Hair restoration surgery is considered a minor procedure. But even if you get the best hair transplant, keep in mind that it is still surgery. It therefore requires a period of healing after the procedure. As even the best hair transplant doctor will tell you, it takes time for the hair to begin to grow in the follicles that are transplanted into the recipient area. Even with the best hair transplant, post surgical healing varies from patient to patient. However, there are several common things you should expect after any hair transplant procedure.

Immediately after surgery, most patients will experience some redness and minor swelling. This usually disappears in a few days. If you had a surgical incision to remove donor hair, the sutures will be removed at the doctor’s office in 7 to 10 days. At the same time, the scalp will be inspected for proper healing. At 30 days, the best hair transplant doctor will recommend that you come in for a thorough scalp cleansing. During that time, the scalp will be inspected for any ingrown hairs and the suture line of any patients having a follicular unit transplant will be examined for healing. The best hair transplant doctor will want to see the patient at about nine months. At that time, the surgeon will inspect the newly grown hair and go over the before photos with the patient. Depending on the results, the doctor and patient will decide if an additional procedure is needed, or if the hair should mature until the final, 15-month follow up.