The Top 5 Reasons to Consider a Hair Transplant

For many, hair loss may be a natural part of the aging process, but that doesn’t mean it can’t frustrate and embarrass you at the same time. While some people take hair thinning or loss in stride and embrace their new look, others experience low self-esteem, social withdrawal, and even depression.

If you are enjoying your own hair loss experience and wondering what you can do about it, here are five of the top reasons to consider hair transplant surgery.

Safe Procedure

Due to the tremendous advancements in hair restoration, a hair transplant poses virtually no health risks if performed by a trained, experienced doctor. This outpatient procedure requires very little down time so that with proper post-surgical care, you can begin to resume light activities within a matter of days. Plus, modern techniques leave no unsightly scars.

No Side Effects

Many of the non-surgical products that promise to stop or reverse hair loss can cause long-term medical issues. What’s more, the effect of some of these techniques diminish over time while others only deliver results with long-term, consistent applications.

Self-Esteem Boost

Some people can rock the “no hair” look, while others experience low confidence and self-esteem, isolation, and depression, all of which can all lead to social and professional problems if not properly addressed. A hair transplant can give you the full, healthy head of hair you once had so you can feel confident once again.

Natural Looking Results

Because your own hair is transplanted into the balding area from a donor site (usually the back of your head), transplant surgery delivers the most natural looking results. In fact, you can cut, wash, and style your hair as you once did.


Unlike many non-surgical treatments that slow down hair loss for just a while or for as long as you continue treatment, hair transplant surgery is a permanent solution. That means no special shampoos, creams, ointments, or pills. Just permanent, natural looking and feeling results.

So, if you’re feeling blue about your balding process – premature or otherwise – contact the medical team at DiStefano Hair Restoration Center today to schedule a free consultation. You’ll walk away feeling more confident already.