Summer is the Perfect Time for a Hair Transplant

We’re often asked when if there’s a best time of year for a hair transplant. And while the short answer is “whenever it’s right for you”, there are several perks to undergoing hair transplant surgery during the summer.

Here are 7 factors worth considering.

  • It’s easier to take time off. If you’re accustomed to taking vacation time during the season, using some for your transplant gives you time to take a few days off to delay that day when you reveal to coworkers your post-surgery healing incision marks. That also enables you to return to work a bit more relaxed and rejuvenated, and maybe even a little tan from lounging in the sun – with your scalp protected, of course.
  • You can travel during the recovery period. If a stay-cation isn’t for you, you can plan a trip around your procedure and kill two birds with one stone. Just be sure to clear it with your surgeon and follow all post-surgery instructions for a smooth, problem-free recovery.
  • Any pigmentation can pass for a mild sunburn. It’s common for tiny scabs to flake off during the healing process. Come summer, you can play them off as flaking skin from a sunburn.
  • It’s hat season! Whether it’s a baseball cap or a sun hat, you’ll be able to protect your scalp from the sun and hide any signs of a hair transplant and no one will be the wiser. Just be sure to wait the recommended number of days before placing anything on your head.
  • It’s also shorter hair season. Fellas, if the classic short cut or fade required for your transplant is typically not your style, you can better get away with sporting it during the summer months without raising eyebrows.
  • Hair tends to grow faster in the summer. Hormones released in the body during the summer season can cause hair to grow faster than other times of the year. While the difference in rate of growth is usually unnoticeable, it may be just enough to speed up your new hair growth.
  • You’ll start off the holiday season with a new head of hair. While everyone’s timeline is different, you should notice new hair emerging about 2 to 4 months after the procedure, with more considerable growth after 6 months.

Or maybe you’re not all that self-conscious and just want to get the process started now! So, when the time is right for you, contact DiStefano Hair Restoration Center to schedule a free transplant consultation.