Popular Hair Loss Myths – What Really Causes Baldness?

In this week’s blog, we debunk popular hair loss myths and tell you what really causes baldness! There are many myths out there that may scare you but here’s the truth:

Wearing a Hat Too Often Will Cause Baldness – This is untrue. This myth was designed to stop teenagers from wearing their favorite hats all the time. Hats do not cause or contribute to genetic hair loss.

Stress Causes Hair Loss – Worried that all the stress at work is making you go bald? While it is true that stress can cause hair loss, only sever traumatic stress has been known to cause baldness or sudden hair loss, also known as telogen effluvium. And the good news is, it’s only temporary!

Hair Loss Comes From Your Mother’s Father – Previously, it was believed that you would follow the hair patterns of your mother’s father. While this is sometimes true, it is not written in stone. The hair loss gene is not linked strictly to one relative or another. The genetic link can be to any member of your family.

Cutting or Shaving Will Make Your Hair Thicker – Cutting your hair or shaving your facial hair will NOT make it thicker.  This is unfortunately a myth.

Showering, Towel Drying and Combing/Brushing Causes Hair Loss – Those that are experiencing hair loss shed their hair more often than a normal hair growth cycle. Many of those hairs are already shed and cling onto other living follicles until they are shaken loose.  This is why it seems like you are losing a lot of hair every time you shower. Rest assured, showering, towel drying and brushing your hair does not cause hair loss. It just seems like it.