Distefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers has top hair transplant surgeons.

How can, at DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers make the claim that we have the top hair transplant surgeons?

First, we are dedicated to hair loss restoration and only hair loss restoration. There has been an increasing tendency for regular doctors and plastic surgeons to buy an expensive machine and then a traveling hair loss restoration surgeon drops by once a week or once a month to do hair transplants. Whether he or she is one of the top hair transplant surgeons is open for debate. There is little oversight with this kind of arrangement, since the plastic surgeon doesn’t do the work. At DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers, our top hair transplant surgeons have years, even decades of training, as do our technicians who are a critical component to getting a great hair transplant.

And when you consult with one of the top hair transplant surgeons at DiStefano, you are consulting with the surgeon who will actually be conducting the surgery. This is important, since items such as hairline, hair density and surgery type are things that you and the doctor must discuss together.

Finally, there are different types of hair transplant surgery. For example, those with short hair may want to have a follicular unit extraction (called IGT™ at DiStefano). Those who have longer hair might want to have a follicular unit transplant which leaves a small scar under the hair in back, but costs less. At Plastic surgery offices, Follicular Unit Extraction is the only choice.