Financing options for hair loss restoration.

With any type of surgical procedure there are usually significant costs involved. This is also true of hair loss restoration surgery and other cosmetic procedures relating to hair. Of course, traditional healthcare insurance doesn’t cover these kinds of cosmetic procedures.

However, there are ways to ease the cost burdens of hair loss restoration. At DiStefano we offer two financing plans. Advance Care is a provider of patient financing for cosmetic surgery and other medical and dental procedures not covered by traditional healthcare insurance. If you have good credit and meet their income guidelines, this could be an excellent plan for coverage and the first six months are interest free. You can apply for Advance Care credit by clicking here.

Care Credit is a credit card designed to help patients pay for any medical procedure that accepts the Care Credit card. Interest rates and qualifications vary. You can apply for the Care Credit card by clicking here.

In addition to hair loss restoration surgery, such as follicular unit transplant and the Individual Graft Technique (IGT™), both Advance Care and the Care Credit Card can be used to pay for other hair restoration procedures, including low level laser light procedures and products, Platelet Rich Plasma Procedures, medical micro pigmentation