Bedtime Habits for Healthy Hair

Sleep is a beautiful thing. This nightly ritual allows your body to rest and recover from the day. Adequate, quality sleep helps reduce stress, helps maintain a healthy weight, improves memory, improves attention and performance, and can reduce your risk for serious health problems like heart disease and diabetes.

You know what else happens during sleep? Hair breakage. In fact, some seemingly innocent bedtime habits can be adversely affecting hair quality. Here are 6 nighttime healthy habits you’ll want to follow.

Don’t sleep with wet hair. Hair is weakest when wet. What’s more, the friction between your hair and pillow makes it even more susceptible to breakage. So, if you must wash your hair at night, make sure it’s fully dry you douse the lights.

Let it down. Leaving your hair in a tight ponytail or bun all night (or day) puts stress on your hair and can cause breakage. If you can’t stand to let your hair down, try sleeping with braids, which will create pretty waves while treating your hair with greater TLC.

Toss the hair tie. Still set on putting your hair up? Use a scrunchie vs. an elastic hair tie. The fabric on a scrunchie is softer on hair and won’t cause a harsh crease.

Switch to silk. Sure, it sounds luxurious, but sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase is much gentler on your hair than other fabrics. It reduces friction as you move your head back and forth throughout the night and helps reduce frizz. Another option is to loosely wrap your hair in a silk scarf.

Brush before bed. Brushing nightly is good advice for your teeth and hair. Your scalp produces its own natural oils; brushing your hair distributes those oils through your locks. What’s more, the act of brushing stimulates the scalp and hair follicles to promote growth.

Condition while you sleep. If you normally wash your hair in the morning, use sleep as an opportunity to condition your hair. Run a conditioning treatment through the ends of your hair or apply coconut or argon oil to help moisturize. Then, wash it out in the morning.

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