Individual Graft Technique (IGT™) best hair restoration solution today

Boston, MA March 4, 2013 – DiStefano Hair Restoration Center ( wants everyone to know that the use of hair plugs and painful surgery is not a best hair restoration solution. “Many years ago, installing hair “plugs” harvested from the back of the head to restore the hair line was the standard treatment,” said the founder of the DiStefano Hair Restoration Centers.

Today, great hair transplants come from new techniques. One of the gold standards for great hair transplants is the use of the Individual Graft Technique; a minimally invasive procedure where the patient’s own hair is harvested and transplanted one graft at a time. For great hair transplants, the surgeon and his technicians must be highly skilled and trained in the IGT™ method.

During the process, the surgeon installs the graft in naturally occurring follicular units of from one to four hairs, which is much more natural looking than the 10 to 25 hairs formerly used in the “plug” method.

DiStefano has furthered the technique for this best hair restoration solution by developing highly specialized micro surgical instruments to remove the entire follicle, keeping the bulb, dermal papillae, capsule and outer root sheath undisturbed to prevent follicle damage.

Because this best hair restoration solution occurs with local anesthetic and the procedure is minimally invasive, there is little scarring, the procedure is virtually pain free and the recovery period is reduced. Patients can return to normal hair care routines in 7 to 10 days.

DiStefano hair restoration, Boston

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