Hair Density…why it matters.

How much hair you have on your head in a given square inch, and how thick it is, has a large effect on how your hair looks. A hair restoration surgeon knows this and will spend a lot of time determining your hair density. The average hair density of the human scalp is about 2,200 per square inch. Caucasians have the highest hair density, while African Americans and Asians have lower hair density. One thing a hair restoration surgeon pays close attention to are density and overall area of donor hair (normally at the back of the scalp). The hair restoration surgeon knows that there are a finite number of hair follicles that can be removed for placement in the recipient area.
In those with large areas of hair loss in the front and the crown, the hair restoration surgeon must work to achieve a balance between how much to remove in the donor area with how much that can be added in the recipient area, while achieving the most natural look. Once your hair restoration surgeon has determined what the donor availability is, expect that he or she will have a long conversation with you about how many hair follicles are available for transplant, where they will be most effective and how to achieve the most natural look.