The difference between good hair transplants and great hair transplants

The deciding factor in the quality of your hair transplant is, without a doubt, the quality of your hair transplant surgeon. Often times, the first step of your hair loss restoration journey will be finding the best hair transplant surgeon. How do you know if they’re the best? They should have several key qualities.

Experience – When it comes to perfecting a skill or profession, experience is everything! The more hair transplants the surgeon has done, the more knowledge and expertise he or she has. Dr. DiStefano not only owns his own hair restoration center, but is also a clinical instructor for plastic surgery at UMASS medical school, as well as a hair loss restoration- training consultant for Harvard Medical. The top hair transplant surgeons generally have years of procedures under their belts.

Accreditation – There are several different boards and societies pertaining to hair loss restoration surgery. Dr. DiStefano is Board Certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and is a Fellow of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. These organizations require members to hold specific qualifications because they promote the highest standards of medical safety and ethics. Only the top hair transplant surgeons in the country are members.

Innovation–In order to receive great hair transplants, your surgeon should be using cutting edge technology. Advancements in the medical field happen every day due to vast amount of research being done, and the top hair transplant surgeons understand that these advancements make it possible to provide clients with the best care. Dr. DiStefano is always exploring and implementing the newest innovations such as platelet rich plasma, NeoGrafting, and robotics.

Experience, accreditation, and use of innovative technologies by hair transplant surgeons separate good hair transplants from great hair transplants. Dr. DiStefano has years of experience on top of his accreditations and success stories. With such an important decision, why would you trust anyone else?