Best hair transplant secrets to a natural hairline

Everyone is different. This is especially true when it comes to hairlines. Some are high, some are low. Some peak in the front while others recede near the temples.

Because everyone’s hairline is different, how do you get a hair transplant with a hairline that looks natural for you?

The best hair loss restoration surgeons have acquired skills and artistry that allow them to take many factors into consideration when designing a pleasing hairline. .

Age, ethnicity, the size of your head and forehead are just some of the many important factors to getting the best hair transplant hairline. For example, someone who is older will have a higher hairline than when they were younger. Placing the hairline low on someone who is, say, 50 won’t look natural. But that same hairline might look perfectly natural on someone who is 25. Likewise, someone who is of Latin or Italian decent will have a naturally lower hairline than someone who is German or Russian. Hair density and the angle that the follicles are at as they exit the scalp are other factors to consider in getting the best hair transplant hairline.

Another important factor for achieving a natural hairline is to place follicular units with one or two hairs in the front then gradually increasing the number of hairs in each follicular unit as the hair moves away from the hairline. Your hair restoration surgeon will spend time with you discussing your particular hairline and will take the time to make sure your hairline will be natural and pleasing.

The final and most important aspect of achieving the best hair transplant and a natural hairline is dependent on the artistry of the hair restoration surgeon.

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