Women’s Hair Loss – The Truth About Tight Pony Tails

Ultra tight and slick pony tails have become a staple for fashionistas and has become a go to for many women looking for a chic and simple hair style. Women not only like it for its sophisticated look, but for its Croydon facelift effect, pulling the skin back to make their cheekbones look more enhanced. Women have been using this trick for decades.

If you have tried this, you may have noticed that your scalp can start to hurt or you feel a throbbing ache from a pony tail that’s too tight. Do not ignore these signs! Pulling your hair taught can cause serious damage and over time, it can loosen your hair follicles and pull the hair shaft out of your scalp.

This type of hair loss is called traction alopecia and is one of the main reason women experience hair loss or receding hair lines along their temples.

If you start noticing your hair falling out or a change in your hair line, take a break from the tight pony tails and opt for a looser hair style.

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