What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Medical micro scalp pigmentation is a remarkable solution for men and women experiencing hair loss. This non-invasive, painless procedure does not replace hair—it closely replicates the hair follicles on the scalp to help remaining hair appear fuller and thicker. This is a great option for people who are trying to add density  as an “undercoat” to get rid of the appearance of thinning hair, as well as people whom are totally bald to assist in creating the appearance of a shaved head with stubble. We also use SMP to cover scars for patients whom have had poor hair transplants in the past. DiStefano Hair Restoration Center offers micro scalp pigmentation for patients throughout New England.

Potential Patients Who Can Benefit From This Procedure

We routinely use medical micro pigmentation to treat  both men and women alike to mimic the appearance of having hair in areas there is not. This procedure is effective for cases from the most minor to the most severe, restoring hairlines on all sides of the scalp. It offers impressive results for patients who are partially or fully bald, especially those who keep their hair closely cropped. It can also be used to darken the scalp of patients experiencing diffuse hair loss or thinning hair. Medical micro pigmentation is an ideal choice to hide scars from scalp injury or previous hair transplant surgery. It can also be used to hide birthmarks.

What to Expect From Micro Scalp Pigmentation

At DiStefano Hair Restoration Center, our highly trained micro pigmentologist uses the most advanced techniques and only natural pigments. It takes a total of five custom colors to replicate a natural hair follicle on the typical patient. After the pigments are created, they’re placed in a cartridge and injected just under the skin simultaneously through five microscopic needles to create one “follicle.” By repeating this procedure in the same pattern as the patient’s natural follicles, the micro pigmentologist achieves very positive results.

With five convenient locations, DiStefano Hair Restoration Center is the ideal choice for those in New England who have alopecia or other types of baldness and are considering micro scalp pigmentation. Call us today at 800-785-4247 for your free, private consultation with our doctors. You can also view our gallery to see some of the results that we’ve provided our patients.

Before and After Photos of Scalp Micropigmentation

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