Low Level Laser Therapy The happy accident in hair loss restoration.

Penicillin was discovered when Alexander Fleming left some bread out and mold grew on it. Likewise, the discovery that low level lasers can restore hair and stimulate growth was discovered quite by accident when a cancer researcher was trying to determine a laser’s effect on the back of a shaved mouse. What he found was that the hair in the shaved area regrew much more quickly.

Subsequent studies have proven that low level laser therapy stimulates hair growth in both men and women. In fact, laser hair removal laser hair removal is that the hair grows in again thicker and fuller than before.

No one is exactly sure why low level laser therapy causes hair loss restoration. Some speculate that, because hair growth occurs in cycles, the laser is able to switch the hair follicles from the dormant (telagen) phase back to the growth (anagen) phase and keeps them there for longer periods resulting in more hair growth and subsequent hair loss restoration. It’s thought that the laser stimulates the growth of stem cells in the follicle by increasing the level of a certain protein. What really matters is that low level laser therapy actually regrows new hair and causes existing hair to grow in thicker, healthier and fuller.

At DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers we offer both in-office low level laser therapy. We also offer a low level laser cap that delivers the same level of laser energy as the office treatment. Both are safe and effective.