DiStefano Hair transplant Connecticut office offers the Individual Graft Technique (IGT™)

Not all hair transplant Connecticut offices are alike. Nor do all hair transplant Connecticut centers use identical techniques. Most hair transplant centers do follicular unit transplants, wherein a strip of scalp is removed from the back of the head and the follicular units are excised under a microscope for transplantation to the recipient site. To do this several technicians divide the hairs from different sections of the donor strip. DiStefano hair transplant centers also use the follicular unit transplant method when patients don’t want to wear their hair very short, or they are having a mega session where thousands of follicles are being transplanted in one session.

Another method used by transplant centers is called follicular unit extraction wherein each follicular unit is individually removed from the scalp one at a time for immediate transplantation into the recipient site.

DiStefano hair centers, including the hair transplant Connecticut center use an exclusive method called the Individual Graft Technique (IGT™). This method is similar to the follicular unit extraction method; however, Dr. DiStefano has developed his own unique tools for doing IGT, which deliver better results. There is no cutting or sutures, there is no visible scar so the hair can be worn short and there is less recovery time.

IGT is something no other hair transplant Connecticut center offers. So if you live in the greater Connecticut or New York area, you might want to consult with the DiStefano Hair Transplant Connecticut office. The address is Rocky Hill, CT Hair Restoration Center 
100 Corporate Place
 Rocky Hill, CT.