Women and hair loss restoration.

It’s not news that women don’t experience hair loss in the same way as men. Still, it’s estimated that about 35 percent of women will experience mild to moderate hair loss by the age of 50.

Unlike male pattern baldness, which is the major cause of hair loss in men, women experience hair thinning and even baldness for a number of different reasons. Nevertheless, the services of a hair restoration surgeon are not always needed.

Fortunately, the Women’s Hair Loss Restoration Center, as a part of the DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers, is the only hair loss center devoted to helping to deal with the unique emotional, medical and cosmetic needs of women who have hair loss.

At the Women’s Hair Loss Restoration Center, the first step to correcting hair loss is to meet with a highly trained female consultant. She will evaluate your hair loss and help to create a program for treatment for your particular condition. If the consultant believes your hair loss is medically related, she will refer you to renowned hair restoration surgeon, Dr. Mark DiStefano, who will work with you to determine the cause and a treatment plan.

Treatment plans may include laser therapy, nutritional counseling, and Vitamin supplements. Causes may be related to prescriptions you are taking or stressful events such as pregnancy or surgery. The important thing to understand is that women have unique needs when it comes to hair loss restoration beyond the transplant services of a hair restoration surgeon. No matter, The Women’s Hair Loss Restoration Center is there to help.