Women and hair loss restoration. It’s more common than you think.

Men’s hair replacement surgery is common. But, the truth is 40% of women are apt to lose or have thinning. Men normally experience the classic male pattern baldness, wherein the hairline recedes from the forehead—often until the hair is missing from the front, top and crown of the head.

In women, thinning usually occurs in the top third to top half of the scalp and the hairline is often left intact. What women tend to see is that their part is getting wider or they can see more of their scalp.

There can be medical causes for hair loss in women which is why it’s important to for the hair restoration surgeon to rule out a treatable or underlying cause. Some women lose their hair temporarily after stressful events such as a divorce, pregnancy, severe infection or a life-changing event. Oral contraceptives can also cause hair loss.

Women’s hair loss often responds to one or more medicines both prescription and non-prescription. Your hair restoration surgeon is likely to perform a number of diagnostic tests to determine if a certain medicine will help reduce or even reverse hair loss.

When other treatment options have been exhausted, hair loss restoration surgery which uses the same hair transplant techniques as with men can be performed.

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