Will My Hair Transplant Results Look Completely Natural?

When a hair transplant is done right, the results can look completely natural. You’ll be able to wash it, style it, cut it and run your fingers through it just like real hair!

Skill and technique has a lot of effect on how a hair transplant turns out. Dr. DiStefano has over 20 years of experience and completed nearly 8000 hair transplant surgeries.

A few things to consider when trying to make a hair transplant look natural:

Hairline – The hair line should be age appropriate. Not too high for younger patients and not too low for older patients. Hairlines are naturally irregular so we try to follow the pattern of your natural hairline. A super straight line would look unnatural.

Hair Density – The density of the grafts in the transplanted areas should be higher on the frontal side and more moderate on the crown area.

Direction – The hair should follow the same direction as the surrounding hairs. This can be tricky when working in the crown area. Many people have a natural swirl pattern in their hair.

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