Which costs more, great hair transplants, or “great” hair pieces?

Boston, May 13– DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers (www.hairman.com) thinks everyone should know the true cost of great hair transplants versus hairpieces.

To get the true costs, you must factor in the initial cost of a hairpiece, the monthly maintenance fee as well as the wear and tear, which will make it necessary to replace the hairpiece periodically. Just a hairpiece maintenance fee at a hair club costs about $500 per month or about six grand per year!

The cost of getting a hair transplant, from the best hair transplant doctor, typically costs several thousand dollars for great hair transplants. But it’s a one-time fee. Getting a hairpiece and maintenance is like paying for surgery from the best hair transplant doctor every single year!

Why all the maintenance? One reason hair grows on your head is because as it ages, it dries out and gets brittle. After several months, the difference between the hair on a hairpiece and the growing (and continually replaced) hair on your head can look quite different. It’s because over time, the hairs begin to break so the hairpiece looks fuzzy. To learn more about getting a hair transplant from the best hair transplant doctor, visit, www.hairman.com.

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