Whether your looking for Hair Transplant MA, Hair Transplant CT, Hair Transplant RI, or Hair Transplant NH, Distefano has you covered.

DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration centers operates differently than the chain Hair Loss Restoration Centers. With chain operations, surgeons, technicians and staff are assigned to specific locations in a region or around the country. At DiStefano, chances are, we have the Hair Loss Restoration Center you’re looking for located in New England, but our doctors, who are affiliated with major Boston teaching hospitals, travel to those different centers.

This is an important distinction. First, it assures consistency in procedures, practice and results. It also assures continuity among the technicians and the surgeons. Studies have shown that the length of time technicians spend with a particular surgeon has a direct bearing on the final outcome of the procedure. Technicians at chain centers tend to relocate more often (with a corresponding result) when it comes to transplant success and hair follicle viability.

Currently you can find a DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Center by Googling

Hair Transplant MA
Hair Transplant CT
Hair Transplant RI
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It doesn’t matter which DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Center you go to, you get the same exact surgeon and the highly qualified technical staff he has worked with more many, many years.