When is it time to look at hair loss restoration? Only you can decide

Getting a great hair transplant is the goal for many suffering from hair loss. Others decide to wait before getting hair loss restoration. How do you decide that getting a great hair transplant is right for you? And, when is it the right time to get that great hair transplant?

Male pattern baldness is the genetic predisposition to lose hair from the front and sides of the scalp. Some lose hair do to male pattern baldness early in life. Others lose it later in life. The thing that changes is the time that men decide to do something about it or not.

If hair loss is bothering you, it’s better to see a hair loss restoration specialist sooner rather than later. Medications such as Propecia and Minoxodil can help slow the hair loss and in some instances even help to regrow some hair. Laser caps and other low laser light treatments have also been shown to slow hair loss.

Seeking early treatment can also help you plan for further treatment. Your hair transplant specialist will take photographs of your hair as it exists today. These photographs are helpful months, or even years later when you want to explore getting a great hair transplant.

The most important aspect of hair loss restoration and deciding when the time is right for surgical hair loss restoration is to do it when you’re ready. At DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers, we help our patients learn everything they need to know about restoring their hair. But, ultimately, we know that the decision to get a great hair transplant is very personal. And one that can only be decided by the patient.