You probably have questions about how much a hair restoration surgery may cost. There is no standard answer. Your pattern of hair loss and your situation is unique.

There is no “one size fits all” situation and if someone tells you a set price, be cautious. This is surgery, and you want to be sure you have a knowledgeable doctor who will assure you the best result possible.

Since each patient’s hair loss is different, prices will range depending on the severity of hair loss. The cost of the transplant is priced per hair follicle.

We will work with you to establish a financing schedule that works with your budget – procedures can be financed to range from $100-$250 per month.

We offer a free consultation to determine if you are a candidate. Consultations include:

  • Evaluation by a trained physician or clinician.
  • Discuss what can be done to stop your specific hair loss.
  • Walk-through of how our procedures are performed.
  • Monthy payments as low as $104 a month are available.

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