Want the best hair transplant? Here’s what to look for.

The best hair transplant surgeons have several traits in common. The most telling is that they’re all absolute sticklers for detail. Getting the best hair restoration surgery is meticulous work and much of it is done under a microscope. You want the best hair transplant doctor you can find to be really good at the small stuff.

The best hair transplant surgeons are also really good to their technicians. After all, the technicians divide up the hair follicles under a microscope when the donor hair is removed from a strip of scalp (called the FUT procedure). They also place the hair into the recipient points that the doctor creates. Studies show that the best hair restoration surgeons have worked for years with their technicians and the longer they do, the better the results of their hair transplants.

The best hair restoration surgeons are also members in good standing with the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. These doctors undergo a rigorous examination to demonstrate their competency in performing hair transplants. Currently, Dr. Mark DiStefano is the only hair restoration surgeon certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery in the State of Massachusetts.