Timeline to the best hair restoration result.

I don’t think anyone expects to see hair immediately start popping out of their scalp the day after surgery—even if they did find the best hair transplant doctor.

Nevertheless, people are anxious and excited to get the best hair restoration result, so they want to know exactly what their hair transplant will look like when the hair has grown back in

The day after surgery

It’s normal for some patients to have mild swelling in the transplant area, which usually goes away after a day or two. Patients may also see very small crusts or scabs form at each follicular graft. This is normal even when the best hair transplant doctor performs the surgery. These normally slough off by the end of the first week. If there is any skin redness it normally disappears after the first week.

For patients receiving follicular unit transplants, the stitches at the donor site are taken out anywhere from 10 days to two weeks. In the third week patients should expect to see hairs shedding from transplanted follicular units. This is perfectly normal even with the best hair transplant doctor.

A few months later…

You’ll know the dormant period is coming over when new hairs sprouton the scalp—usually at about three months, but it varies.

A few months after that…
Typical patients will see about half the new hairs visible above the scalp at six months. Three fourths of the hair is usually visible at nine months. You should expect to see your best hair restoration result at 12 to 15 months.