Three Important Items to Consider Before a Hair Transplant

Boston, September 16 — DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers ( urges patients to look at three major considerations when selecting a hair transplant surgeon. This includes financing, surgical options and customized approach to each individual situation.

Getting a hair loss restoration procedure can require extensive time and research so we did the work for you! You can go anywhere to get an average hair transplant, but at DiStefano Hair Restoration Centers, you’ll get the best hair transplant. There are many unique things that set DiStefano apart from other hair loss restoration centers.

1. Financing plans
Hair restoration surgery cost is sometimes a bit out of reach for some transplant candidates. DiStefano offers convenient financing options for those looking for alternative ways to pay for the best hair transplant possible. These financing options are even applicable to non-surgical treatments, like laser therapy devices or platelet rich plasma treatments.

2. Options

While nothing compares to getting the best hair transplant, our top hair loss restoration doctors won’t push you into it if you don’t need one yet. DiStefano offers non-surgical treatment options and devices like low level laser therapy caps and platelet rich plasma therapy sessions.

3. Customized approaches
Our top hair transplant surgeons understand that everyone is an individual with their own unique scalp and hair situation. At DiStefano, you won’t be forced into anything that you’re not ready for. The first step is to have a professional assess what type of hair restoration you qualify for. Our doctors will explore all your options in depth with you and you’ll work together to develop the best hair loss restoration plan for you.

No gimmicks, no pushing, just experienced hair surgeons exploring all of your options with you in an affordable way.

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