The day of your hair loss restoration surgery: What to expect

You’ve decided to go through with hair loss restoration surgery. You’ve consulted with the doctor, you’ve determined what you want and talked about what the expected outcome should be.

Now that the day of surgery is at hand, what will that day be like? When you arrive at the DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Center, you will be greeted by a staff member and fill out some forms. A medical technician will take your vital signs. Then, depending on how you feel, you may be offered a mild sedative. Because hair loss restoration surgery is minimally invasive, it is relatively pain free.

Before surgery, you’ll go over the entire procedure with your hair loss restoration doctor one final time. If you are having a Follicular Unit Transplant, you will lay face down on a table and the hair loss restoration doctor will apply a local anesthetic before removing a small strip of scalp from the back of your head which will supply the donor follicles. The strip is divided into follicles by technicians using a microscope. If you are having the IGT™ technique, each individual follicle will be removed from the scalp one at a time, there is no incision or sutures.

Placing the follicles in the host area is identical for both procedures. The surgeon uses a microsurgical device to make very small slits in the scalp at the right depth, angle and spacing and then carefully places each follicle in the slits. Depending on the number of follicles being transplanted, you can expect to spend up to eight hours in surgery. Patients usually watch TV or a movie. If the procedure is long, there is also a lunch break. When it’s done, there is no bandaging and patients can choose to wear a hat or cap on the way home.