The best hair transplant? It may not be a hair transplant at all.

You may be looking for the best hair transplant, but you might also benefit from low-level laser therapy (LLLT). It was an accidental discovery by a Hungarian scientist in 1967 that showed that visible red laser light in the 630 to 670 nanometer spectrum stimulated hair growth in mice.

It has long been known that lasers have varying effects on human tissues, which is why it’s used for everything from tattoo removal to back surgery. What the Hungarian Scientist discovered is that a very narrow wavelength of low-level laser light is absorbed by hair follicle molecules. These molecules are critical in stimulating hair to grow (or regrow).

The molecule it affects is called cytochrome c and it sends messages throughout the hair follicle which decrease gene-regulated cell death and improves hair viability.

Today, LLLT is used by doctors to treat hair loss during office visits using a hooded device. Patients also treat their hair on their own with products that include laser combs and laser caps.

While LLLT does not stimulate hair regrowth on everyone, it is most likely to help early during hair loss before large amounts of hair are missing. The best hair transplant surgeons have reported achieving greater success with LLLT when used in conjunction with finasteride (Propecia).

Currently, hair transplant surgery is the only permanent treatment for hair loss. LLLT requires periodic treatment at regular intervals to maintain hair growth. For more information find the best hair transplant surgeon available for a consultation.

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