The best hair transplant doctor needs the best hair restoration technicians

The search for the best hair restoration for most people is spent looking for the best hair transplant doctor. But even the best hair transplant doctor doesn’t go it alone. In fact, he or she relies heavily on a team of highly trained, dedicated technicians who carefully divide up hair follicles from the donor scalp and then place those follicles in the transplant recipient sites that the doctor has created. Good technicians do their work quickly and efficiently, and divide follicles very carefully using a microscope to avoid damaging the follicle. While the technicians for some doctors don’t use high magnification to divide follicles, using a microscope is the only way the best hair transplant doctor will allow hair follicles to be divided.

Knowing that technicians who work as a team–and with one doctor–get the highest transplant viability, the best hair transplant doctor treats his technicians well and pays them accordingly. This is one of the most important aspects of getting the best hair restoration.

Given the importance of technicians when it comes to getting the best hair restoration, it’s wise to ask any physician that you’ve determined to be the best hair transplant doctor, how long the team they work with has been together. Keep in mind that large hair transplant chains tend to have a higher turnover rate among technicians. In smaller offices, the team of technicians tends to stay together longer. That’s a major benefit when it comes to getting the best hair restoration possible.

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