The best hair transplant doctor has more than surgery to help patients.

Boston, November 14– DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers ( notes that, with improvements in technology and revolutionary discoveries the best hair transplant doctor today, might not recommend a hair transplant at all.

“The best hair transplant doctor has a number of new tools to help patients, said Steve Matteo, a hair loss restoration consultant at DiStefano. “Hair restoration surgery is still the gold standard and the only permanent cure for hair loss,” he explained. “But, there are many things we can do today, including ways to slow hair loss, improve the hair you have and even restore some growth in specific areas,” he said. We can even disguise hair loss without the need for wigs or hair pieces.”

The best hair transplant doctor can also offer low level laser light therapy, which consists of multiple red lasers that have been shown to help hair grow.

“At DiStefano, we also have a process called medical micro pigmentation,” Matteo said. “For people who wear their hair extremely short, micro pigmentation actually replicates closely cropped hair follicles to restore hair lines and bald areas.”

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