The Benefits of a Scalp Massage

If you’ve ever received a scalp massage from someone who knows what they’re doing, you know how blissful and relaxing it can feel. Massages help ease tension, stress, and relax sore muscles. When it comes to your scalp, a massage also may be able to promote hair growth. Here’s how.

What is a scalp massage?

Unlike a back, body, or neck massage, a scalp massage is typically gentler and involves fingertips only or a scalp massaging device. The procedure is usually performed without oil, though some individuals prefer to include it.

How can a scalp massage help with hair growth? 

According to some studies, researchers found that frequent scalp massages may make hair fuller and can even help reverse thinning by stretching hair follicles. A scalp massage also can help dilate blood vessels beneath the skin to further encourage hair growth. While research results are still limited, there is reason to hope for ever increasing scalp massage benefits.

How to perform a scalp massage.

There are no firm rules about how to perform a scalp massage. However, the following techniques and tips are worth at least a try.

  • Traditional Massage – Using fingertips of both hands, apply light to medium pressure to the scalp while moving the fingertips in a circular motion. Work your way across the entire scalp for at least five minutes several times each day.
  • Hair Washing Massage – Using the same method above, gently massage shampoo and/or conditioner into your hair for at least five minutes, then rinse.
  • Massage Tools – Scalp brushes and rubber massagers are quite effective. Simply work the massager over your entire scalp as you would your fingertips.
  • Essential Oils – Some have found that peppermint and lavender essential oils may help promote hair growth. Mix a drop or two of peppermint or lavender oil with a tablespoon of jojoba or melted coconut oil and apply directly to the scalp, using fingertips or a massager to work the oils into the scalp. If you have not used essential oils before, be sure to patch test a small area of your skin to test for allergies.

A regular dose of scalp massages may not turn you into a Samson or Lady Godiva, but at the very least, you’ll enjoy the experience. For hair growth results you can count on – with or without scalp massages, contact DiStefano Hair Restoration today for a free hair transplant consultation.