Rebecca J

I could not be happier with Dr. Heinis and his team at DiStefano Hair Restoration Center. I initially saw him in May 2020. I have struggled with thin hair my whole life, however after a very stressful year I noticed the loss escalating and began to panic. I had a scalp biopsy and comprehensive labs to ensure we knew the underlying cause of the hair loss, and received 3 PRP injections spaced 4 weeks apart. Dr. Heinis prescribed a topical treatment containing minoxidil, as well as an oral medication called Finasteride. In the last month I have noticed significantly less hair loss in the shower, and I have sprouted new hairs all over my scalp. At 47 the new hairs are gray and the rest of my hair is colored so they are easy to spot and helps me to track my progress. I just had a hair color 2 weeks ago, and have already noticed another batch of new hairs sprouting. I can’t say enough about my very positive experience with at DiStefano Hair Restoration. As a health care provider and woman struggling with Androgenic Alopecia, I would urge other women to seek help sooner rather than later to better understand your options. Hair restoration is not for men alone.