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About Dr. Chris Heinis

Christian G. Heinis MD joined DiStefano Hair Restoration Centers in 2012. dr.chris_Since then he has performed more than 1000 hair restoration procedures. Dr. Heinis served as an assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts emergency room in Worcester for ten years. He practiced academic medicine and served as a quality control officer at University of Massachusetts as well as holding the title of assistant Medical director. Currently he is full time at Distefano Hair restoration and still works per diem as an Emergency Room physician. He is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine. By his continued practice of Emergency Medicine it allows him to manage more complex medical situations that patient’s may encounter. Dr. Heinis served his community for a number of years as both the medical director of Oakham and a member of the Board of health.

He received his fellowship training in hair restoration techniques from the best hair restoration doctors in America . He practices state-of-the art hair transplant techniques including Follicular Unit Transplant procedures and Follicular Unit Extraction procedures known at DiStefano as IGT™ Dr. Heinis has worked with  on several patients with operation restore.

Dr. Heinis graduated cum laude from University of Massachusetts. He later went on and obtained a Masters in physiology and finally his doctorate from the Chicago Medical School. His internship and residency was in Emergency Medicine at Kings Country Hospital at SUNY Downstate Medical Center. He has been practicing medicine for 16 years.

Dr. Heinis has been married to his wife for 29 years and resides in central Mass with his 2 children. He enjoys collector cars, ice hockey and RC airplanes.

Our Team

DiStefano Hair Restoration Center has a dedicated, skillful staff. We have combined over 100 years of experience.

  • Kathy – 22 Years | Administrator
  • Bonnie – 25 years | Quality Oversight / Manager / Senior Surgical Tech technician/Manager
  • Sue -22 years | Senior Surgical tech
  • Beth – 14 years | Senior Surgical tech
  • Dianne – 8 years | Senior Surgical tech
  • Gina – 6 years  |Surgical tech
  • Laura – 6 years | Surgical tech
  • Brie- 1 year | Surgical tech
  • Colleen – 1 Year | Surgical Tech

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