Sometimes hair loss restoration doesn’t require surgery.

There are many things that can cause temporary hair loss that you might not know about. Before you call in the hair restoration surgeon and get a transplant to achieve hair loss restoration here are some things to look at.

Certain medications and vitamins can cause hair loss. These include vitamin A, blood thinners, drugs for gout, and certain anti-depressants, hear medications, blood pressure medications, drugs for arthritis and even birth control pills. The good news is you can get hair loss restoration in many cases by switching to a different type of medicine. If you have questions your hair restoration surgeon can help

Anemia means there is not enough iron in the blood. It can lead to hair loss. Returning iron levels to normal is usually sufficient to achieve hair loss restoration. Your hair restoration surgeon can test for anemia.

Thyroid disease can be another cause of hair loss. The thyroid is a hormone gland. Produce too much or too little thyroid hormone and hair loss can result. Fortunately, there are medications to treat thyroid disease and, once treated, hair returns. Your regular physician a hair restoration surgeon can test your thyroid hormone levels.

Flat irons, blow driers, curlers and other high heat devices can cause hair to break off. Backing off on the heat may be all it takes to achieve hair loss restoration.