Self-Care During Home Confinement

These are unusual times. Unusual times call for blogs that step away from the mainstream of our hair transplant practice to provide you with timely information on how to cope with the simple act of daily living.

This blog goes to press at the end of March 2020. It’s relevant now and, unfortunately, we’re confident it will be again. You might want to bookmark it for when that time comes.

So, let’s get started. You’re home, self-confined and tolerating it. What choice do you have?  At first, the thought of lounging around all day might have seemed appealing – especially if you still have a secure source of income. Or maybe you’re busy working, but from withing the confines of your abode. It doesn’t take long for a lack of variety and boredom to set in.

If staying home is changing the way you look and feel, try these self-care tips.

Take Up Meditation

If you’re feeling anxious about the current situation, you are not alone. Try a guided meditation to help you feel more centered and calmer. Meditation has been found to help reduce stress, improve focus, reduce brain clutter, and connect better with family and friends. Sure, it won’t change the events of the world, but it might help you cope better.

Try At-Home Exercise

Don’t let a closed gym or yoga studio prevent your from getting in some regular exercise. Not only does it help keep you in shape, it’s a great way to boost endorphins which help improve your mood. Find an online program that you can do with no equipment three times a week, take a 30 minute walk, or put on your favorite tunes and have a dance party. Hey, there’s no time like social-distancing to dance like no one is watching!

Treat yourself to a beauty treatment.

Whether it’s an at-home mani and pedi, a DIY facial, or treating your hair and scalp to a nourishing treatment, taking time out to pamper yourself can brighten your mood. If you’re used to taking a shower, putting on make-up, and doing your hair before heading out the door for the day, keep the same routine going, even if you reduce the frequency.

Get plenty of sleep.

One of the best ways to boost mood, energy, and even immunity is to ensure a good night’s sleep. Stop playing games on your phone, texting, or watching TV at least a half hour before bedtime. Settle down with a good book, try writing in a journal, or practice meditation to help clear your mind of the day’s worries. Consider a sound machine to produce soothing sounds to help you fall asleep gradually; or, try aromatherapy with essential oils like lavender or chamomile.