Robots and great hair transplants. Do they go together?

Robots are used for doing everything from painting cars on a manufacturing line to performing delicate arthroscopic surgeries. So why not use robots to get the best hair restoration?

You can certainly get great hair transplants from a physician who uses robotic assistance. But the bottom line is that the best hair restoration depends on the ultimate skill of the surgeon. The robotic assistance takes place only during the removal of donor hair by helping the physician remove individual hair follicles in a process called follicular unit extraction. The robot is not used in the technique called follicular unit transplant, where the donor hairs are removed in a strip of scalp from the back of the head. And in no case, is the robot used to implant the follicles into the recipient site.

The truth is that a robotic aid to remove individual hair follicles can make the process go more quickly, but it can’t do a better job than the best hair restoration surgeons. This, despite extensive marketing to the contrary. Here at DiStefano, we have looked closely at robotic systems for performing follicular unit extractions. In our opinion, the robots are very expensive, which adds significant cost to the procedure, while doing very little to improve the quality of the final result. Great hair transplants are ultimately performed by fully qualified transplant surgeons, who may, or may not employ robotics.